The Importance Of Religious Beliefs

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My religious beliefs were implanted and cultivated by my grandmother, Mrs. Dorothy Lee Gilchrist. She taught me how to be a Christian. For you to be a Christian, you must accept the Lord as your savior and repent for your sins. Repent means to ask the Lord for forgiveness for the sins that you committed both knowingly and unknowingly. I believe in God and the Holy Trinity: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I learned that to believe in God, you must have faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for but not seen. I also learned the importance of prayer and why it is needed. Praying is a personal conversation between you and God. This relationship can be created by praying, learning God’s word, and living according to God’s teachings. You have created a successful personal relationship with…show more content…
I did not know how I was going to continue life without her. I did not know how I was going to get through the day knowing she would no longer be a part of my day. I did not know how I was ever going to achieve anything again because she was the essence of my life. During my grieving process, I had a lot of relatives and friends around me during the daytime. But as the sun set and night approached, the crowds thinned out and I was left alone, or at least I thought I was alone. I remember lying on the bed, staring out of my window wondering what the next course of action would be. I closed my eyes and started to pray - I prayed for understanding, I prayed for comfort, and I prayed for strength. When my prayer was complete, my eyes were filled with tears. I began to feel the warmth of comfort that surrounded me. I felt as if I was being hugged from the inside out. At that moment, I knew that life was not going to be as bad as I initially anticipated. The hurt will never go away, but that night I experienced God’s presence. I knew that if I continued to trust and believe in God 's teachings, I was going to be

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