The Importance Of Religion In Religion

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My overall take on this experience was positive. I am grateful that Professor Rodkey had this project in place for the course. It opened my eyes into seeing that there is so much more in a religion. Religion consists of cultures, beliefs, and even a style of clothing. I think that if I haven’t have had this experience, I wouldn’t know what else is out there. I knew that the world had millions of religions but never knew they were practiced as so. All my life I was involved in church. Since the moment my mother gave birth to me, I always attended a Christian/Pentecostal Church. I was shown and taught, since I was a little girl, who the real God and Creator of this earth was. No one can really prove it but it is all based by faith. I can still…show more content…
Knowing that God is my creator and the One that gave me a purpose to live on this earth means the world to me. At the Christian service, you are immediately welcomed inside the church, as well as the Jewish Temple. Christian congregations are not the only place where people feel welcomed. Many feel accepted in a certain place because of factors like culture. Others feel accepted because they found something they can relate to. At The Potter’s House, words of motivation were always said. It showed me that they not only care about your spiritual life but your physical one as well. Even though at both congregations I felt that there was a sense of love and care, The Potter’s House actually showed this by saying Hello to you when you came in the door or even a random person come up to you and kiss you on the cheek while saying God Bless You. Many believe this is a weird act of showing care or love but for them it was a way to show the visitors that there are people that actually care about…show more content…
Comparing the two services, I saw that both had faithful followers. Even though their practices were different, both had people that really believed in it and followed it. This project helped me understand the importance of religion in society. It gives hope and even a helping hand to those in struggle. Their actions they took were based on what they believed in. I saw this in both services. At The Potter’s House and at Temple Beth Israel, I saw that everyone was happy and seemed as if they lived a good life. They may have their conflicts or issues internally but externally, you couldn’t tell. This helps society so much. People make the right decisions and tend to be more helpful to the community. Religion helps us in so many different ways. It makes what the United States is all about, the freedom to
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