The Importance Of Religion In Life Of Pi By Yann Martel

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In Life Of Pi , Yann Martel includes the importance of religion and beliefs and hardships that come with it. Originally, Piscine comes from a family that practices Hinduism. As the story progressed, he converts to Islam and Christianity although the protests from the religious leaders. Apart from that, he also wanted to see the world in a different perspective. When he claimed to practice all three religions, his father was upset about the decision he made. Excluding that, Piscine believes that religion helps shape humanity and that having different beliefs would keep the world in a peaceful state. Religion has helped the protagonist go through difficult times and aided him in being hopeful to survive the event.

Unusual for a religious person , Piscine respects atheists. He respects them because even though they don't have a religion they still believe in something.
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He's giving himself a pep talk to help him persevere and stay strong to get through this obstacle. After he got rescued, Mr. Tomohiro Okamoto and his colleague Atsuro Chiba visit Piscine and discuss what happened during the sinking of the Tsimtsum. Piscine told them two versions of the stories, and the first one he mentioned was the animal one. The interviewers were skeptical about it, but it was more memorable than the other version. Piscine responded by saying: "Thank you and So it goes with god". (Martel 352) In this quote, He's grateful that the interviewers picked a story and was able to believe something out of it. When he said "it goes with god" , he means that if the animals were actually there or if it was a figment of his imagination. The animals were possibly there to replace the family that he lost.The two stories he told them was the story that included the animals, and the one without the animals. But they chose it only because it seemed more interesting to
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