The Importance Of Religion And Spirituality Today

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“How important is religion and spirituality today and its role in society?” PART A: TEXT CONSTRUCTION Throughout society today, religion and spirituality are greatly prominent and its importance of its role is no exception. Religion is a vital aspect of life for many people around the world. Perhaps some of those who are not religious thinks that it is important. This may be due to the fact that society needs religion. Collectively, we profit from our religious beliefs. Many could argue that religion would be a missing link in society and we would not function without it. Religion promotes critical virtues in which are important in society such as truth, love, non-violence and discipline. Those who follow a religion internalises these virtues and becomes a disciplined member in the modern society (Eva, 2016). “Religious instruction and belief today remain the lifeblood of society’s moral ethos.” (, 2012). Human beings are religious naturally. Outside ourselves, we seek a broader purpose. Irrespective of a particular religion, it provides context by which individual’s discover meaning, belonging and identity (, 2013). Our present society is often perceived as the reason for the conflict and discord in the world. However, religion is also considered as an upwards force in which “forms human thought and behaviour and frames the way in which individuals and society interact.” The pivotal role in which spirituality forms in today’s society is that it makes true virtues possible. Since morality alone is incapable to stabilise people’s minds and hearts. Furthermore, different cultures have alternating judgements of values. A statement from the survey conducted highlights the importance of s... ... middle of paper ... ...e secondary sources into the text construction, however Peers 1 & 2 respectively stated that the utilisation of secondary sources such as the internet was sufficient. I have learnt throughout this investigation of how to conduct, observe and analyse a survey. This has developed my learning capabilities also with the usage and processes regarding secondary sources. My peers have identified in their comments that I have areas in which can be developed further and improved to a greater standard. I have learnt new information through various secondary sources regarding religion and spirituality which was useful in providing the creation of the survey. Hence, my capability for learning was advanced through the skills and knowledge gained from the primary sources, whilst the feedback provided from peers allowed me to reflect on the structure and content of the practical.
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