The Importance Of Religion

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If we are to do away with religion it is imperative to erase all of the good which it has encouraged. Religion doesn’t allow us to pick and choose specific teachings and commandments we accept and deny. There are many different religions and people practice in many different ways. For example if we erased Christianity, then we must start with all of its scriptures, stories, maxims, philosophies, and its commandments. In doing this, we sacrifice the foundation of the magnificent classic works of art and inspired writings. Religious art work from the great Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael would never have been created. Shakespeare, who wrote many passages influenced by religion, wouldn’t be one of the best poets and/or playwrights. While these may seem like insignificant losses, imagine the ripple effect this would create. Envision all of the good inspired by religion which we do not see. Some of these things impact criminal activity, marriage and family, community service, and morality.

Religion can help to regulate conduct and behavior in society by providing a set of morals that guide for human existence. Religion can also diminish the criminal tendency in human nature. Faith based programs in prisons offer religious studies, religious counseling, and regular prayer sessions. They are open to inmates of all faiths. One goal of these programs is character development which ultimately will reduce criminal activity by keeping inmates from returning to a life of crime after their release. Without religion the crime rate could increase significantly and criminals would have no willingness to change.

Marriage and religion influence important aspects of life, including childrearing. Marriage in the United States is traditi...

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... and your family. Without religion, this standard may vanish. This could result in a increase in single parents, sexual assault, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Religion is an important aspect of life. In some instances it is the foundation of human existence. Even though there are many different religious practices, there are still many overlapping concepts. Religion influences are all around us. One the many influence most Americans carry with them every day is American Money. “In God We Trust” is printed on every bill and coin. This motto was to increase religious sentiment during the Civil War. Religion is embedded in our society. Religion contributes many aspects in our society. Religion manifest itself in simple things like what we eat and ranges to more complex situation such as, how to treat each other. Erasing religion might drastically change society.

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