The Importance Of Relationship On Relationships

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Relationships are pivotal in shaping both the way people live their lives and the choices they make. While the majority of relationships may be chosen, especially in one’s later years, there is a small cluster of relationships that are handed at birth. The ability to dissociate from one’s family is a difficult task that may seem impossible for some. For others, it is a necessity when one’s fundamental values, and its counterparts, political values, are starkly differed. The inability to cope with others of opposing political values is rooted in one’s morally correct yet wavering political tolerance for others. This concept is extended in later stages of life when one has a partner where political values may precede the “undying love” at some point in the relationship. This observance of a change from initial tolerance to the inability to cope with another individual who one once held regard for is worth exploring. The changes of tolerance that arise within the relationships of one’s life showcase that political beliefs largely take precedence over even the most intimate relationships.…show more content…
In Phelps-Roper’s life, it was the “seeds of doubt” (00:03:00) she carried that showed how her beliefs were wavering. While Phelps-Roper’s and the Westboro Church case is an extremity, it is because of this severe example that one may see a moment where politics is prioritized over relationships. With Phelps-Roper as an exemplar, it is apparent that once one’s political values are evaluated, then affirmed, individuals have the capacity to put those values over personal relationships. A relationship as strong as direct family, a primary influence of youth, is able to be dissociated from if one realizes the opposing political beliefs may no longer be tolerated within said family. Phelps-Roper’s situation also highlights just how unstable political tolerance may be over the course of one’s
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