The Importance Of Reflective Thinking In Nursing Practice

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603 words

When I retired three years ago from the United States Air Force as a Production Superintendent with 25 years of service, I was an expert in my field. During technical school I put in the classroom and study time on book materials and lectures to learn as much as I could. During the hands on experience I watched and duplicated what the instructors were teaching and asked questions when I did not understand. When I actually started working on aircraft and moving through the ranks, that’s when the true learning started. I was learning by experience. As I gained more and more experience I became an expert. Learning by experience is a lifelong learning process of success and failures. One of the greatest learning tools that can be used with life experiences is reflective thinking. As I start to learn and as I progress through my second career, reflection will be an important tool that I will use in what I hope to become; an expert nurse.
Reflection is not something new; it has been used for years. According to the article “Exploring reflective thinking in nursing practice” publish...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they retired from the united states air force as a production superintendent with 25 years of service and learned by experience. reflection is an important learning tool as they progress through their second career.
  • Explains that reflective thinking has been used since the early 1900s by john dewey, an american philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer. the university of hawaii defines it as a part of critical thinking.
  • Explains gibb's reflective cycle for post-fall huddles, where nurses discuss their feelings, evaluate the good and bad from the experience, analyze the situation, and make an action plan to help prevent or decrease the likelihood of another fall.
  • Explains that numerous studies have been conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of reflection in regards to enhancing the nursing skills of critical thinking and clinical decision making.
  • Explains that reflective models like gibb's reflective cycle and reflective journaling can be used by nurses to improve ways of doing things, such as preventing or decreasing falls.
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