The Importance Of Reflection In Health And Social Care

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PZ1015 The importance of reflective practice within healthcare This assignment will discuss the importance of reflection and reflective practice within health and social care. Definitions of reflection and reflective practice will be given followed by, why reflective practice is important, including the Evidence based practice followed by the support of reflection. The essay will also discuss the governing bodies like the NMC (Nursing Midwifery Council), and the failings of the NHS through reflection such as the Francis report. Finally, the assignment discusses reflecting models such as Gibbs cycle, to improve the development and knowledge in practice. Reflection is like looking into a mirror at yourself, worried or looking back on experiences of what you are feeling and thinking. “It is a process of learning and developing through self-awareness” (Lowe et al 2007). Boud, Keough and Walker’s definition states that you should capture the moment, ponder about it, examine the situation over, analyse the situation. And to improve the situation, act on it ( Keough and Walker, 1985). Reflection can be defined as a positive or negative experience, not necessarily critical but relevant to the situation in work practice. Analysing the situation from one experience to small parts of the experience…show more content…
Hogston & Simpson account of reflective practice is more variable. The authors express; learning from the situation that has happened, by thinking about your actions, what you could have done better or what you have improved on, or could be improved if repeated next time in practice (Hogston and Simpson, 1999). This explains an overall picture of reflective practice in nursing and gaining the evidence to improve procedures in practice (Denath). As where Schon’s reflective practice concentrates on the theory and techniques of problem solving, and to develop reflection in practice (Schon,
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