The Importance Of Reflection

Good Essays
Throughout this course, my eyes opened to what good writing should look and sound like. The whole focus of this course was clarity through revision, which was something I appreciated greatly. Dr. Popham opened our eyes to how much a published author would normally go through to create a perfect draft. In doing so, we also learned that writing doesn 't come naturally to us. That is why, with the help from my peers, journals, countless revisions, and brain storming exercises, my ability as a writer to articulate what I want to say matured through revision. My writing beliefs weren 't that strong when we first started class. Initially, I knew I was taking this class and honestly couldn 't bear the thought of another English class. However, it…show more content…
The first reflection journal proved most beneficial in that it provided my state of mind towards the class, which wasn 't necessarily good. I quote from my entry on January 4 that “Dr. Popham’s goal in this class is to excite our inner writer; however, everything in this world isn’t so exciting” hinting that I don’t like English and I do not think I will. While I did not necessarily admire this class or what it’s worth, the day Dr. Popham covered analyzing quotations I was actually excited. I state on January 25 that “ It was rather helpful as the words that one might associates with a key word does provide some useful analysis.” I was rather surprised when I learned something useful in English class. On February 10, I write about Dr. Popham’s life altering lesson the “to be” forms. Ever since then, “I really cannot write my essays without thinking of better words that might fit the sentence better.” As a result, when it came time to write my drafts, my peers and I didn’t suffer greatly. On March 2 I explain, “I really enjoyed the free flowing essays and thus, made it very enjoyable to read and revise.” The reflection journal shows my change in attitude towards writing and assisted me in becoming a concise
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