The Importance Of Real World Training Campuses

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College is the pinnacle of today’s educational system. All over today’s media, college is a symbol of learning and bringing that knowledge into the real world. The problem is when students enter the real world, they find themselves lost and inexperienced for real life. College students don’t learn how to deal drugs, sex, and alcohol. Instead they have to fumble through these lessons themselves, because Colleges do not make a strong effort to educate students about these things. Colleges should give real advice to students. This is why I propose that Colleges and Universities nationwide, should be converted into Real World Training Campuses, where students will pay for consequence free parties, drugs, and alcohol, so that they can learn helpful and important lesson that will help them thrive in the real world. With technology in the palm of our hands, students are steadily becoming unable to function in real world confrontations. Instead of learning things that will never help them in their jobs, such as Politics, Mathematics, or History, they should be learning communication skills. This is where the idea of Real World Training Campuses come in hand; students will be able to learn communications through social events like parties…show more content…
If we give students a space to make mistakes, then they will learn how to be safe in the real world. Students will not learn from their campuses about how to deal with tough situations when it comes to things like drugs, sex, and alcohol. They will not learn how dangerous some drugs are, or how to be safe in their sexual activities, or how to know their limit while drinking. They will learn on their own, which is dangerous, because they will not know how to react. The Real World Training Campuses are vital so that students and young adults can learn how to handle sticky

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