The Importance Of Reading In My Life

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Reading has always been a safe haven for me. Many people read for fun or because they had to for school. I have always read because it helped me escape the reality I lived in. Reading even saved my life. Seventh grade is when my parents divorce really started affecting me. They had gotten divorced before my first birthday and my mom had moved all the way to South Carolina. I never thought of their divorce as an issue before because it had never really affected me too much growing up. I still hated leaving my family and my friends behind to go hundreds of miles away where I knew no one. It started affecting me very slowly, starting out small like the waves in the ocean before a storm. I would go to school each day and smile with my friends,…show more content…
I felt like I was in a sea of people who wouldn’t care if I wasn’t there anymore. I would lay in my bed at night and think about the different ways I could end my life. I had it all planned out I would do it at night when everyone was sleeping and I would cut all the way down my arms and bleed out in my bed that way no one could stop me. I had decided that I would do it in January that way there was no major holidays near that my family would miss out on. I had set a day it was during the break of school that way when I said bye to my friends they thought it would simply be just for the break. To me though I would get to say my final goodbyes and get the closure i needed. Before I left school that day my friend had given me a book she had wanted me to read. Since i had to pass time before everyone was sleeping anyways I had decided to read it. I told myself that once I finished the book I would do it that way my friend would know that I had read it for her. The book was called It’s Kind of a Funny Story and the cover had an outline of someones face with what looked like a map inside of it. The story was about a boy Craig who was depressed, and had decided to kill himself. Craig calls the suicide hotline before he jumps off the bridge and they tell him to go to the hospital and admit himself. The story follows Craig as he learns to deal with his depression and cope in the mental health ward as well make a few…show more content…
I promise.” I went on to explain how I had been feeling this way for quite awhile, but I couldn’t pinpoint an exact moment when this all started. I told her about how I had stopped eating for awhile and how I never felt like I could tell this to anyone. When I told her about how I planned to kill myself she started sobbing and pulled me into a hug squeezing me tight as if she held on any looser I would slip right between her fingertips, never to be seen again. I could feel the sobs as they racked her body like waves crashing onto the shore. I felt my stomach tighten as she sobbed realizing I was the reason behind them. When my dad arrived home she took him into the room and talked hurriedly in hushed voices. When they had finished they asked me to join them. They explained to me that I should have come to them sooner, but they understood where I was coming from. They also explained that I would be visiting a therapist after school to talk to about these issues. They told me that they loved me and that I should never feel like I could never come to them. I started crying at that feeling horrible for making them feel like this was their
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