The Importance Of Reading And Writing On My Life

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The Importance of Reading and Writing in my Life Reading and writing have been an important aspect in my life ever since I was little. As I grew up, the reasons why reading and writing influenced me, changed, and developed over the years. Today, reading and writing impacts me differently than it has before. Of course, the effect that words can have on a person is different for everybody but my story is all about family. Writing and reading helped me communicate and express my feeling in so many ways that I could not have imagined! Yearly, for father’s day, birthdays or for whatever special occasion, I would always bunker down in my room and spend forever trying to make the perfect homemade card. To this day, I still love making handmade cards for anyone in my life. Just like my mom always said “ Handmade is always the best and most thoughtful gift” My Uncle is an avid card maker and designer. He’s creative and he knows his way with paper and craft items. I have always told him that he should make cards for hallmark! He makes the most stunning and beautiful cards yearly for my birthday Each year I couldn 't wait to see what he had made. My parents said that I had his gene in card making. The raw and honest quality of those homemade cards I got from my uncle showed me how important a handwritten message can be. When I got a little older, I knew that my parents saved my cards but I did not know that they kept every one! Each year they would save those cards in a wooden box and just recently I had the opportunity to see all the cards that I had made. It was amazing how much I progressed as a writer and how my creativity changed. My handwriting changed, the thoughtfulness of the messages and the design of the cards. What shoc... ... middle of paper ... ...ding still has a big influence on me today. I love reading because I can forget about everything that 's happening in my life and focus on what 's happening in the story. It’s a big help with stress and I always read to escape life when I need a break. Throughout my years of reading books and magazines, I have gained so much knowledge. Not just in words and places but emotions and experiences and how to interact with people. I am grateful for the impact that reading and writing have provided for me. I have been an only child until recently when my little sister was born. It was hard because I had no one to talk to. I had my parents and they were always open to talk but it wasn’t the same as talking to someone my age who understands teenagers today. Through writing and reading, I could learn, experience and convey emotions through different characters in a story.
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