The Importance Of Reading

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Ever since I was a little girl, about the age of seven, reading was never one of my favorite things. It was painful to sit there as my mom forced me to sound out the words as I struggled through each sentence. Most of the books that taught me to read were the collections of golden books, such as “Scuffy” and “The Pokey Little Puppy.” They were never my favorites, but I read them because at the time, I was forced to read. I vividly remember my mom tucking me and my sister in bed every night, to then head back downstairs to what was known as her side of the couch. Even though I was supposed to be falling asleep at that time, I never did. I would get out of my bed and peek out around the wooden door frame to see my mother sitting there quietly…show more content…
It wasn’t until I got a little older, around the age of thirteen, that I realized how wonderful reading could be as a hobby, and how it could take you so many places that you had never been. It was a cold and dark November night and my parents and I were off to parent teacher conferences at school. As we entered the school, there was a buzz of children my age walking around with books while talking excitedly to their parents. Since this was my first conference that I was dragged to, I had no idea what to expect. As we entered the library there were these huge metal book shelves that were on wheels that were opened with all kinds of books in them. My mom explained to me that it was called a book fair, and that you could buy books and other little items such as pencils and book markers there. She told me to stay there and look around and watch my sister while they went in and spoke with my…show more content…
I began to read the back, trying not to bend any of the corners and found that it started to intrigue me. Not only did the pastel Easter colors of all the books catch my eye, but the fact that the collection is about a red headed orphan named Anne, Anne of Green Gables. This was the first novel that I had ever actually took a close look at, let alone one that was actually written for someone my age! I could not put down reading each book, and I continued to read the back of each book of the collection and I came to the conclusion that I wanted to know more of the

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