The Importance Of Rainwater Management

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Rainwater management is an aspect of water efficiency in green building. The resource significance of rainwater management is the development of rainwater resource, one can indirectly supplement city water; on the other hand, can directly add water for non-potable water, to make full ad effective us of natural resource, reducing the volume of water supply, easy the pressure on water supply. At present, the value of rainwater is significant increasing. The social significance of rainwater management is rainwater connecting people’s lives. Participation of whole society is the foundation of rainwater utilization and the necessary prerequisite for sustainable utilization of water. Universal knowledge of rainwater utilization in society is important…show more content…
So green building has some positive effect on reducing heat island…show more content…
My point of view to talk about the hazards of glass curtain wall from architecture: glass curtain wall is a nice wall decoration and the feature of modernist high-rise building. From the point view of design, due to its light weight and physical properties of projection and reflection which can create a bright indoor light environment as well as internal and external space environment, not only attracting the preference of owner but also the architects. But the massive use of glass curtain wall will bring serious harm like light pollution. The building with glass curtain walls stands next to the busy roads or crossroads, under the sunlight through the glass and reflecting on turning traffic and into the high speed car, it will cause people’s sudden temporary blindness and make him fell dizzy leading to traffic accidents. It can say light pollution of glass curtain wall has become the real killer of traffic accidents. In addition, the use of glass curtain wall also damage residents living in the vicinity, severe cases can easily lead to vision loss, insomnia, loss of appetite and depression and other symptoms similar to neurasthenia, makes the normal physiological and psychological

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