The Importance Of Radiologic Technodiation

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Every year on average 65% of just the U.S. population will receive an x-ray each year (Knighton 2014). The importance of this paper is to provide knowledge to patients that think they are receiving too much radiation. The problem to this is why do patients even have this concern of receiving too much radiation. Could it be from poor practices by the radiologic technologists or is it that patients are just overly concerned and unaware of what radiation actually is and how much they actually receive. Through good resources from those who are or were a part of the radiology field give their insights on what they have seen and observed. It also lets patients know what the protocol is that radiology technologists should be following when in the examination room. Overall, it is both the patient and the radiologic technologist who play a large role in keeping radiation as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA).

Radiation Exposure

With more than 93,000 affiliates all over the world, the American Society of Radiologic Technologists or ASRT, is the largest radiologic organization. This organization’s main goal is to provide educational opportunities, promote radiology technology as a career and monitor legislation (American Society of Radiologic Technologist 2002). They want those to be educated even more now due to the recent concerns from patients. Some patients believe that they are being exposed to too much radiation. Although, this may or may not be the case the main question is why are patients being exposed to too much radiation. The answer is not very simple because it could be poor practices by the radiology technologists and it could be that the patients are a bit overly concerned and unaware of how ...

... middle of paper ..., shielding for both the patient and the radiologic technologist should always be worn and the tech should also wear a personal monitor.
In conclusion, patients are more than likely not receiving too much radiation. Although, there have been cases of techs not taking the precautions and practicing the proper techniques, there has not been a significant amount to raise the concerns of those above the title of a radiologic technologist. There have been reports that patients have been overly concerned about receiving too much radiation however they received less radiation than they thought and are not at the point where they should be concerned. Overall, the importance to take from this is that each and every radiologic technologist should be aware of the protocols and always practice good techniques to protect not only their patient long term but also themselves.

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