The Importance Of Racism In John Steinbeck's Of Mice Of Men

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Of Mice of Men by John Steinbeck is a world renowned book known for its realistic representation of the American dream during the Great Depression. Its hard truths and graphic scenes have made it not only a literary classic but also a widely banned book throughout schools. Written in 1937, the end of the age of modernism, Steinbeck focuses mainly on the journey of the characters rather than the time and place of the story. Steinbeck was influenced at this time by the ideas of racism and realism. Racism is widespread throughout the book. Of Mice and Men tells the story of two ranchers, Lennie and George, wandering the country in search of suitable jobs during the Great Depression. George and the somewhat mentally disabled giant Lennie struggled to reach the dream of owning a farm together, after accepting a job in California. Because of this book’s vivid descriptions of life during the Great Depression and universal themes, Of Mice and Men should be taught in Antonian’s English II honors course. From reading this book students get a sense of what it was like during this time period thus giving this book a student friendly as well as teacher friendly appeal.
Noble-prize winning author John Steinbeck, known for his series of novels displaying the American dream during hard times, has exquisitely portrayed the average American farmer on his quest in search of a job during the Great Depression. The Great Depression was a monumental time in American history which put thousands out of work and on the streets. As an important time in American history, this major event is taught in all US History courses and can be combined with English II classes concurrently reading Of Mice and Men. Students will learn the causes of the crisis duri...

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...nue to teach students around the world.
John Steinbeck’s celebrated tale Of Mice and Men will go on to tell the journey of the emigrant ranch hands during one of America’s hardest times through its strong characters and hard truths of American lives. Because of its publication in 1937, the influences of racism and prejudice are prominent throughout the book ,which provide the reader with the perfect backdrop for displaying the hardships the characters, Lennie Small and George Milton, face while fighting for their dream of one day owning a farm. Steinbeck’s novella not only provides the reader with realistic descriptions of the Depression, universal themes but also does it in such a way that a student reader will enjoy reading and discussing in a class thus these are the many reasons why Of Mice and Men should be added to next year’s list of books to be taught.
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