The Importance Of Racism

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The most critical issue affecting the globe is racism. It is inevitable to say that racism does not exist across the planet, even in places like the United States where so many phenomenal leaders have fought for civil rights. Like Ambalavaner Sivanandan once said,“Racism has always been both an instrument of discrimination and a tool of exploitation”. This can be seen in justice systems, education systems, and the development of countries.“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate.”(Nelson Mandela) Can we criticize a race for the faults of man kind? The idea of racism did not evolve from a white man rather than the reinforcement of the idea by society.…show more content…
The definition of the word caucasian strictly states that it is a human group with light color skin. Society gives this group the rights to become superior to other races. It is seen in the history book, beauty magazine, media, etc. This is the main reason why the issue of race is so big to everyone, from work to college. I was discussing this issue with a visiting foreign friend of mine from Finland, and she said “Why does race matter so much? Why is it that everytime I’m filling out information about myself I have to put my race.” It was hard for her to comprehend the reasons behind why race is such an important…show more content…
Clearly stereotypes play a tremendous role on the lack of opportunities minorities receive.The amount of income takes away the motivation for applying to universities that are beyond their financial ability. Students who are able to overcome these challenges often find themselves in a classroom environment that is prejudice to them for their racial background. Although they gain an advantage of knowledge then those who attend a community college, they suffer finding themselves and understanding the racism surrounding them. For instance take a look at the race chart from the University of Colorado Boulder. With a Majority of 72% whites, it is not hard to imagine how misplaced students of color feel in their environment. These are the same students who have worked extremely hard to get accepted into this college, and attend the school despite the dominance of caucasian students, with some who lack knowledge on ethnic studies. The daily small racist comments and lack of awareness to other cultures in a college classroom, all add up the anger. So how exactly does this tie into the reasons why most colleges have a low percentage of minority students and who do we blame. How can we fix something that has been reinforced for a long time? Its takes a generation of students who are willing to take a stand against the lack of diversity in PWI’s by actually attending these institution. It also takes open

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