The Importance Of Race By Alvin Adonis

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How many times have you stopped and asked yourself, “Did I earn this based on my merit or my skin color?” Or asking the reverse, “Was there someone more qualified or was I looked over because of my ethnicity?” From a personal stand point I have never had to ask these questions; they never even crossed my mind. After immersing myself within this class, I have an even firmer grasp of how often this must cross people of any ethnicity, other than Caucasian. I had a vague understanding of these concepts, however after learning more about the cultural values of various ethnizes, not only does it affect them personally, but often it effects their whole belief system. After interviewing Alvin Adonis, these concepts become solidified to me. From the…show more content…
Society as a whole is centered on the benefits that are targeted to the white person. When asked if he felt there was any privileges given to his ethnicity, Alvin had an interesting response. “I have never felt privileged in any way, shape, or form, no not yet. I have been called the N word a few times, and there is times when people will cross the street when they see me coming, but I don’t feel I have had as much racism as others.” Despite this, there has been many occurrences of racism in his life, however he chooses to brush them off and look at them in a different context. The ignorance of this is astounding. Far too often, these situations are only looked at from one perspective. Therefore, it is possible that if these individuals where put in the situations that African Americans where put in everyday, they might react in a different manor. The rigidity of one’s viewpoint is one of the main problems faced in this modern era. Though there is improvement with equality of worth and racism, the journey is a long one. I asked Alvin to consider weather racism is improving or changing the way in which it is done and he made some valid points. “I would have to say it is a mix of both. In a way it is getting better, there are a lot more black iconic figures, actors, singers, political figures and so on. The only privilege, if you could call it that is black people are depicted more so on TV than any other minority. However, there is still police brutality, job discrimination, and various other injustices.” This is very troubling to society. However, there is a shift occurring in the part that black people play in the general public, these diversifying identities given to the community are expanding the ideals and thinking in which operations are run. Such as, the idea of interatrial love, this was looked upon with distaste, just a few decades ago. Alvin made it clear how he felt about this, that this- was vastly
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