The Importance Of Race And Race

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Although education should ideally be untouched by race or social class, it is an unreal expectation. Race, social class, and income are all interconnected and the socioeconomic status can be affected because of this. Your social class is typically a result of your income, and that income predicts where you will live. Where you live predicts where you will go to school and schools in poor neighborhoods have fewer resources, below-average teachers, outdated schoolbooks, etc. The United States does provide the American Dream, however, this dream must be a goal anyone can achieve. Education is the foundation that affects people for the rest of their lives. While the gender gap is debatable in our society, when it comes to academic achievement, race and social class count for far more.
Schools from lower social class backgrounds tend to stress more on expected beneficial outcomes of higher education than the students from higher social classes. Students from lower social class backgrounds tend to take their studies and schooling more seriously since they believe that doing so will bring improved jobs and career opportunities. They also believe that improved earnings and job security come along with that. Although some students, who come from the lower class, tend to focus more on school, this can easily be argued. Social class is a major determining factor of people’s life possibilities. Research shows that parent in the upper class participate more in a student’s educational career. Students with involved parents tend to earn higher grades and test scores, attend school regularly, enroll in high-level programs, graduate and go on to a post-secondary education.
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Educational inequality is one factor that continues the class divide across generations. Because members of high social classes tend to be better educated, because of their various resources, they have higher incomes and are more likely able to provide educational advantages, for not only themselves, but to their children as well. Education is a major component in today’s society of social class. Researching this topic, I already knew the answer but was still very interested in learning more about it. My hometown is not the best and looking back to my graduating class, only three quarter of my class went to college. It is still a good number but I know some people who did not continue their education and these people have so much potential but they really need to want to receive a higher education.
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