The Importance Of Puritanism In Today's Society

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How does today’s society even compare to that of the time of the Puritans? It is obvious that the human race has emotionally developed and matured in all of this time, isn’t it? Occurring during an estimated 90 year period (1630-1720), Puritanism was a form of religion where its followers were discouraged from performing any form of sin. This included judgement, punishment, and isolation. Judgement is the act of forming an opinion based on observations or careful thought, and punishment is the imposition of a penalty based on the severity of an offense. Last but not least of the many characteristics of a Puritan society is isolation (after a sin), the process or act of being isolated (the separation of an object or person from other objects or people). After observing these elements in a book known as The Scarlet Letter, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, it has been concluded that modern society has not evolved or improved in a drastic manner and still…show more content…
For instance in a court of law, the right to not receive cruel and unusual punishment is protected by the eighth amendment. An example of this would be the William Clayton case. William Clayton was only 19 when he aimed a gun (military-styled rifle) at employees working at a Maynard Savings Bank and then, while in the getaway car, fired at anyone (including one civilian, deputies, state troopers, and police) who dared to chase him and his accomplice,Jeremiah Mumford. When caught, he was appointed a 50-year prison sentence and a mandatory minimum of 35 years before he could be appointed parole. Clayton argued that it was “amounted to cruel and unusual punishment” (J. Reinitz). Unfortunately, the court refused to conform to his demand of shortening the sentence, establishing he was punished in accordance to the severity of the crimes he
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