The Importance Of Public Spaces

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‘Public space is what in many ways makes cities more livable’, said Richard Rogers (2014). Rogers stated (2014) that public space between buildings influences both the built form and the civic quality of the city, be streets, public squares or parks. The balance between public and private realm is needed to apply practice’s design approach. City is beyond than bright of street light, shops, crowds, and weather. The city should be dense, vibrant and socially diverse where buildings and the surrounding should connect and interpret one another, with outdoor open air spaces functioning. However, the city also contains neglected public spaces that are underused and need more attention. These open spaces contribute to local economies and property values, they help people save on everything from heath care to recreation, and perform valuable ecosystem services that naturally improve the air they breathe and the water for drink. In my opinion, people who live in the city think that they like nature, but actually they need the nature as their necessity. In Singapore context, one of the identity of being garden city is need the understanding of Local urban culture and life, not just about physical attributes that typical public spaces are designed only by greeneries element. The relationship among buildings, people and public spaces demonstrate how the architect's responsibility can successfully extend beyond the aesthetic element to include the public realm. The relationship the square or street and surrounding buildings helps to stimulate public activities and create friendly environment that have social emotional, cognitive, and even psychological needs are met. Yet, large areas of neglected, poverty and empty quarters, could demolish th... ... middle of paper ... ...ments only, but also urban cultures, memory, and social functions. II. Feng Shui Practice in Public Spaces Design Public space could give many advantages for a city, in economy, social, culture, and lifestyle. Ultimately, people in the city need more natural open public space as an escape place from the crowd of bustling city. However, if these public spaces are not design with sensitivity of natural surrounding, based on social identity of the place and inappropriate functions, it will become neglected space and in the future. Fortunately, there is a Chinese practice could possible help transform the unused open public space become urban public space like city square that fill with vibrancy, urban culture, and memories. Feng shui practice offers a harmonious environment that invites positive energy, emotional satisfaction and visual balance for the whole design.
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