The Importance Of Public Education

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Public education is failing. The public education system in the United States provides education to all students despite their race, income, religion, and gender. However, there is significant academic achievement gap between American students and students belonging to other foreign countries. In the article “Teacher Incentives and Students Achievements” by Fryer, R.G he states: “The progress of American students is low as compared to students from most developed countries due to flaws in the public education system” (p.303). The low academic achievements of students result from several issues and problems. One of the main issues is the mismanagement of funds and resources in public schools which has resulted in the failure of the public education system. The public school students in the United States lack essential knowledge in several subjects. The national assessments show that most public school students face difficulties in Mathematics, Reading, Science, and History. A large number of these students belonging to low-income families are unable to show basic knowledge in History,…show more content…
The teachers are forced to follow strategies that have been developed by the government rather than applying teaching methods that match the needs of the students. In addition, they also follow the standards set by the government, which often lack consistency and do not match the needs of the students in the schools. It has been seen that the government is continuously attempting to reform the educational system, but the lack of consistency has led to unsuccessful policies and strategies. Authors Green, Baker and Oluwole of the article” Having it both ways” explain why politics should not be a part of the educational system
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