The Importance Of Psychological Therapy

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Psychological therapy as other professions within social and humanistic sciences, is a spotlight to the human being, so all their work must be based on deep and solid ethical foundation. The therapist enters like any other professional in the privacy of individuals, in the knowledge of their personalities, conflicts, feelings and dissatisfactions, with its consequent the influence on others. The therapist should not only be competent and have a solid ethical and humanistic education, but also acquire full awareness of their professional role, enabling him to assess at all times fair and correct performance against seeking help, especially in the field of patient health and also become an example in society based on their behavior.
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The therapist profession requires, for its regular exercise, a minimum of confidence on the part of civil society whose service is exercised. Who comes to a professional is the need to reveal aspects of his personal life that are intimate, and as such should not be disclosed to the public.
The exercise of the profession should orientate them to improve, not harm, the professional secrecy is an essential element of social balance, in order to maintain the necessary privacy of individuals and to ensure their confidence in the professional therapists. Professional secrecy should be saved and never violated, but, professional secrecy cannot serve as a pretext to cover up acts that violate direct, serious and imminent against the common good and general
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Because now, we know that multiple relationships can affect a patient 's ability to create an open and true communication with the therapist, and can alter the clinical trial and associated with potentially harmful practices. As a therapist we must abstain from accepting goods, services or other personal favors for oneself, by patients, because such gifts carry the potential to create a conflict or distortion in the therapist-patient relationship. As therapists we must work in our own behavior, away from situations that we consider risky for our person. Professional relationships between clinicians and their patients should be kept strictly at all times. It is unethical to enter what is known as a "dual relationship" with a client. In most cases, to terminate the professional relationship is essential, since it is difficult to preserve this relationship after other feelings have been explored. This includes crossing the line in friendship, have romantic feelings for each other or enter into a working relationship. As professionals we must be responsible for taking control of the situation. The purpose of the professional boundaries on clinical psychology is primarily protect the client. It is vital for the therapist to maintain a certain emotional distance from the patient in order to listen and advise properly. This line may be blurred when other relationships are
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