The Importance Of Professional Roles In Nursing Education

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I currently have three professional goals. The first is to obtain a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree specializing in nursing education. Once I have graduated with this degree I hope to obtain a position working in this field teaching undergraduate nursing students. As an instructor I also hope to be a great mentor. A great mentor is someone who a student feels comfortable with as they learn and confident in the instructor’s guidance as they learn the world of nursing. An excellent mentor would never flaunt the knowledge that they have and belittle the student. Mentoring strengthens the overall nursing skills of the facility (Bryant et al., 2015). A mentor who believes in this will pass along this value to their students.
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The responsibilities of the nurse of today varies, and thus universities must enable the nurse educator to instruct the student what to expect in the ground level of the jobs that are available. The job of a nurse educator is to encourage the nurse to never quit learning (Kalb, O’Conner-Von, Brockway, Rierson, & Sendelbach, 2015). The world of nursing is constantly changing and nurses should keep up to date in order to give the highest quality of care to their patients.
Scholarship is defined by Boyer’s Model as four integrated parts to include application, domains of discovery integration and teaching all of which high standards and can be applied to nursing and used to develop several scholarly applications (Lauver, 2014). Boyer’s Model is used in many ways and I plan to use it as my model as I become a nurse educator. The world of nursing is full of new discoveries and as a nurse educator I hope to encourage my students to embrace the discoveries and to continue to learn as they care for their patients.

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