The Importance Of Product Development

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Introduction This paper will cover key aspects of business such as product development, organizational structure, and business process. To begin with, Snow et al (2011) define product development is the process of creating, designing and marketing a new product, goods or services to the consumers. It deals with betterment of existing products to add valued or new products being developed are extremely new. The discipline is not only focused on products per se but also involves systematic methodology and guidelines for processes which create new products (Carpenter et al, 2012). On the other hand, organizational structure is defined as the arrangement of people in an organization, and how teams are coordinated, supervised and allocated in order to achieve organizational goals (Csaszar, 2012, p. 611-630). Lastly, Rosemann and vom Brocke (2015) define business process development as the active role taken in a business to streamline its business process in order to ensure that efficiency is increased, costs are cut, without…show more content…
We conducted a product sprint for selling T-Shirts, our product. We conducted the sprint in a number of days each day set aside for a specific analysis of T-shirts as a viable product. The activities that we conducted in the sprint was mainly on the product development, design, and creativity by dividing all this in sprint phases so as to analyse the product holistically. On designs we looked at very many designs available in the market and looked at better ways to adapt them and incorporate Chinese poems. We decided that it is better to use short verses of poems for clarity of poems and additionally print on the back and front of the t-shirts. We also did design a pilot product and customization from website, learning that we could use internet and software to design the shirts and even market the products using social media and internet
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