The Importance Of Procrastination In Music Students

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It is a need to multitask for university students as they have to juggle between one subject to another subject in accomplishing the tasks given by the lecturers within a lapse of time. As for music students, the need of juggling between academic tasks and musical preparations are crucial since they need to balance these two different things in daily life, which is very hard to be done by certain non-major music students. However, life as a music student, is not very appealing as it seems since they have to find time and some students may have difficulties in managing multiple tasks at the same time. As a result, their performances may be affected. Procrastination is the action of delaying or holding up certain works. It is also can be said as an act of avoiding and postponing the tasks in a lapse of time. According to Knaus (2000), as cited by Hussain & Sultan (2010), “Procrastination refers to the lack or absence of self-regulated performance and the behavioral tendency to postpone what is necessary to reach a goal”. The procrastinator may know what he should do and has the willingness to attain the planned tasks, but he may postpone its completion. Moreover, procrastination is actually related to time management issues, especially to students since they may be dealing with their tasks by…show more content…
It is actually hard to organize a number of students in a group, since there are possibilities of having inactive members in the group as well. Moreover, the activities such as ensemble practice sessions and rehearsals are not conducted in such a way that students have to submit the works in a written form but instead, students may interact one another through physical and mental

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