The Importance Of Procrastination And Their Advantage And How It Affects Their Social Abilities, Mental State, And Physical Health

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Have you ever started working on an essay or research paper and instead finding yourself looking at YouTube videos on how to tie your shoes with no hands? Well, you’re procrastinating. We’ve all been victims of this temptation to put off stuff until the last minute. Believe it or not, procrastination has become a serious problem over the years, not only in teens but kids and adults as well. Ideally there are three basic types of procrastination, there are the arousal types, the avoiders, and the decisional procrastinators (Marano). We will be looking at how these three different types of people use procrastination to their advantage and how it affects their social abilities, mental state, and physical health. Arousal types that like to procrastinate do it for the rush, they find the adrenaline of stress to be quite the motivator (Marano). These type of procrastinators use putting things off until the last possible minute to their advantage. We all know that one student that doesn’t do anything until the day before, yet finishes with an amazing product. Yes he got the job done, but what was the previous night like? Well, he used all the pressure that was built up from waiting and turned it into imagination. But these sleepless nights have their consequences, we see the student sleep less than the recommended 8 hours of sleep due to them staying up late trying to finish the task at hand (McCoy). This leads to tiresome bodies, reduced reflexes the next day, and mood swings as well. Whenever an arousal procrastinator sets something aside, it 's because he 's real with himself and doesn 't lie to himself. The procrastinator believes that in order to truly accomplish something you must be under the mental state of panic (Pillay). Th... ... middle of paper ... ...f other choices,” (Pillay) which means that they are worried about following a certain way because they feel as if another method might turn out with a better outcome. It 's understandable, but sometimes this leads to anxiety and stress levels to rise which can be harmful to the human brain and body. Overall procrastination can be seen as a bad thing, but as well as a good thing. It all comes down to the individual and how he deals with three major factors that come from procrastination, which are; stress, pressure, and time. Although many students today strive to be the best, it is understandable that sometimes we get lazy. But nonetheless, procrastination should not be taken lightly. If you become a frequent victim of procrastination you might want to put down that phone, close all distracting tabs open, find a place where you 're most efficient, and get to work.

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