The Importance Of Process Writing

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Before the 1970’s, writing instruction focused on rules of grammar (Pour-Mohammadi, Zainol Abidin, & Cheong Lai, 2012). Today research shows that it is more important to create an environment that encourages students to take risks in their writing which means less concentration on conventional rules of writing and more on expression of ideas. Among the four basic skills to master in learning English, writing is often thought as the most important and difficult one. The importance of writing comes from its usefulness. The difficulty of writing comes from the complexity that the writer should consider. Writing is a fundamental component of language. When a child writes, thoughts and knowledge are blended together creating a unique meaning (Jones,…show more content…
Therefore, it is obvious that the students of X MIA 3 need strategy and attractive medium which are able to improve the students’ writing skill and involve the students’ active participation in searching about the topic being discussed. In order to solve the writing problems raised, the researcher proposed process writing strategy to be implemented. Process writing strategy demands the writer’s focus on the proceedings of making a good composition, and restrain them from imitating the modelling of text. Comparing to other strategies, process writing has special stages that differ it from the others. By getting the feedback on the draft from others, the writer is able to recognise and revise what needs to be improved. Consequently, the writing quality will be…show more content…
Blogs offer a collaborative environment whereby students can read each other’s posts and in some blogs they have a facility to comment on each other’s work. Therefore, students are essentially writing for an audience which is said to improve writing capacity (Zhang 2009). In this research, weblogs were combined to facilitate process writing strategy in order to improve the X MIA 3 students’ descriptive text writing skill. Weblogs were utilised when the students did pre-writing – the picture of assigned objects, and list of vocabulary were posted on the teacher-researcher’s weblog page, drafting – the students wrote the rough draft directly on the weblog page, giving feedback each other, revising and editing the drafts based on the feedback given, and posting the final

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