The Importance Of Pride

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Pride is a powerful feeling of pleasure, something so strong that it almost exceeds comprehension. For me, experiences offer a greater sense of pride than anything physical and it is my experiences that I cherish most. I have been fortunate enough to be a part of an amazing program that fills me with a strong sense of pride and unforgettable memories. Let’s set the stage. Early morning. As the Carolina sunrise chases away the night, I am there to witness it. The day begins sharply at 6:30; shower, clothes, breakfast, brushed teeth and hair, “See you this afternoon!”, start the car, go. One thirty-minute drive later the day really begins. Muddy dirt road and climbing tree. My little red car bobs up and down like a ship on a stormy sea and I…show more content…
Ten little voices call back at varying levels of excitement. This is Rein and Shine Camp. Every summer, we spend three weeks at camp offering kids between the ages of 6 and 13 a chance to learn their way around a horse. Horseback riding, crafts, and educational activities such as learning the parts of a saddle fill each and every day at camp. The camp does more than just offer a horsemanship education, though. While children without disabilities can and do attend camp, Rein and Shine Equestrian Center is specifically a therapeutic barn designed to help people in need. It provides a safe place for children with all kinds of disabilities to express themselves. The kids at camp are wonderful. Whether in the saddle or on the ground, each day is filled with laughter and excitement. Unconditional love and support wafts from each group; a chorus of praise from one camper to another can be heard in any and every activity. No one sits alone at lunch: tables and chairs are moved to make accommodations so every friend has a seat. During free time in the afternoon, everyone works together on crafts such as jewelry making and painting. Those who are finished with crafts can be found climbing up the tree in front of the cabin, helping one another reach that just-out-of-reach branch (under the supervision of at least two volunteers, of course). The kindness and willingness to help each other is extremely inspirational and one of the main reasons that I am so proud to be a part of this
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