The Importance Of Preschool Education

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Education is a lifelong process beginning from the moment that a baby is born and meet her/his parents, and this process of humans continues for the rest of their lives. Most of the people have curiosity to learn something at any age of their lives. Crucially, they have a very big curiosity at the early childhood because of starting to understand life for the first time. In the contemporary world, it is proved that the most important age for learning and education is early childhood ages, that is from birth to age 6. Most young children start to have education from their family and preschools. Beside to the family training, preschools take important places for young children's development. Caregivers and preschool teachers are educated to…show more content…
Many research conducted in Minnesota University shows that the students who had preschool education are more successful in their academic life than the students who did not go to preschool. Graduating from high school rate is higher in the people having preschool education, using drug rate is lower in these people, they have more ability to enter the universities. They have better abilities and backgrounds due to having education in early ages, because young children's brains work faster than adults' and adolescents' brains, so young children are more open to learn. In fact, in these ages, they learn the most important things of their life such as sexual identity, accountability and work sharing, sociability, etc. Thus, preschool education creates the foundation of children's social relation, their personality, their intelligence. In contrast to the children who did not go to preschool, the children who went to preschool have an ability to abstract thinking, collaboration, joining social activities, receiving orders, etc. There is a lower criminal rate in the society whose public has preschool education, the majority has more tendency to live…show more content…
If a society includes a lot of educated and skilled people who are open to innovations, technologies and opportunities, in this society there is a higher educational level and companies can use more technological methods. By this way, in this society companies can catch the world's innovations and be more productive and active, it can benefit the society's economy, this country become developed. When this country become developed and has high technologies, the labors living in this country earn more salary due to more productive economies. In addition to this, some research macroeconomists conducted shows that for every 1 dollar invested in preschools, the per capita earnings of the country residents increases by 2.78 dollar, so there is a three to one return. In fact, this investment can get much higher returns by being paid more taxes and money. People and economists should take notice of this policy in order to develop their economies. That is to say, early childhood education can bring more and better jobs to a country, it can promote higher per capita earnings for the country's earnings and increase the employment rate . Most of the experts didn't think about investment in early childhood programs for developing economies primarily, maybe they might find it difficult because this investment is a long term system that affect the local
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