The Importance Of Prayer Life

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Why do we need to be men and women of prayer? What does God’s word say about prayer? And how do we become prayer warriors even in the darkest of circumstances? These are all questions that many Christians ask themselves; questions I have asked myself many times. Striving to be all that God has called us to be in word, in deed and in prayer, is a journey that each of us must take, but no one path is the same. Rather than walking this road alone, it is good to seek out those who would take this journey of prayer with us.
How important is a prayer life? Prayer is a relationship between yourself and God. When prayers are short said and far between, so is the personal relationship. If you have a friend that you do not see, or hear from, even though
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This is a good point; it is in a person’s nature when in a time of trouble or disappear, to cry out to a source of whom they believe in. Whether to God, Zeus, Mohammed, or a higher power. Even the person that doesn’t believe in God in any since of the realm, has the ability to cry out, even if it is in anger. “This is why I don’t believe in you.” “Where were you when I needed you,” unknowingly speaking to the very God that created them. While for a Christian it is our nature because of our personal relationship with Jesus Christ, for the non-believer it is still in their nature due to the fact that even the gravest of sinners was made in image of God. According to Samuel E. Balentine; “Prayer is, above all else, dialogue with God. It is dialogue directed from human beings to God, dialogue initiated for the purpose of laying before God praise and thanksgiving, petition and intercession, lament and complaint.” Our hearts cry out to an all sovereign God in all circumstances. Our relationship should be so intimate with God that our dialogue with him is second nature. The first conversation before any other should be to speak with God, and get His option in any circumstance. Daily living should be to walk, talk and breathe…show more content…
Prayer is not just words, but can be an expression of the heart. That can mean in song, in a journal, or in reading the Word.
Monks failed at shutting themselves off from the world to get closer to God, because we are created to take what we have communed with God and give that to other people. We have not been called to hoard what we have been given. That includes they things God speaks to us in

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