The Importance Of Positive Work Environment

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As a leader, it is important to create a positive work environment that is based on honesty, trust, and values. The return from creating an environment that is based on these traits will lead to increased employee motivation, communication, productivity, cohesiveness, collaboration, and commitment that will move the organization forward to achieve great things. It is important as a leader to bring your employees together to work as part of a team and create a positive, healthy work environment. Health care leaders should strive to support and encourage both individual and team participation on all levels to create efficiencies within the workplace (Dye, 2010). Honesty, trust, and values are important concepts in creating an effective team…show more content…
He needs to encourage his employees to work through their differences and promote an environment that fosters accountability, dedication, and transparency. He needs to make his presence known on a regular basis to reinforce consistency in the workplace. Since talking to the group both together and individually did not work for Doug, I would suggest that he engage his employees in ways that are designed to foster understanding and better working relationships with each other. Some of these activities could include encouraging quality teamwork by rewarding groups for good performance. Create incentives to work well as a team by giving praise and issuing small tokens of appreciation. Another way is to encourage group mentoring between co-workers. The nature of group mentoring will develop individual and interpersonal relationships between co-workers and hopefully increase engagement, giving them a greater understanding and awareness of their peers. However, if all else fails and his employees still continue to behave the way they do, in an unbiased and professional manner, Doug needs to address the toxic behavior of his employees directly and put in place clear expectations. He needs to inform his staff that they either need to change their behaviors and work as a team or be asked to leave, reiterating that he will not tolerate the current way his organization is
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