The Importance Of Pornography

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Smedes was blunt, to the point, and sometimes rude. He did not go give his opinions lightly, and he never tried to over explain himself, and I loved every second of the reading this article. We need more people like this in our world today. We are babied far to often and all this does is makes us weaker. We continue to believe that everything is okay because we will get forgiven so it does not matter, and we are not overall bad people, we just make selfish decisions every once and a while because we want to experience everything that we can since God put all of these opportunities here for us. No! That is exactly what Satan wants us to believe! He wants us to keep thinking that it is okay to continue these bad habits and sins because it is all okay and if God is really all powerful, forgiving, and loving God he will forgive us. Is that the mentality that we are supposed to have in our lives today? There is no way that that is the way that we should…show more content…
Watching pornography is one-hundred percent wrong, correct? Everyone can agree that this action is a sin, but everyone who watches has the temptation to commit the sin and end up falling by watching pornography. Now, why is this any different from same sex relationships? People have the temptation to watch pornography, which is a sin, and the only way to not sin is to abstain from this action. People who participate in same sex relations have sexual desires with the same sex, which is okay, but saying that why the fall to this temptation of sin is okay makes no sense. We all have temptations in our lives, some heavier than others, some have temptations to steal, to cheat, to disrespect their parents, and to have same sex relations, and we must abstain from all of these. Same sex relations is a temptation just like all of the other sins that are in our lives, and we must say no to all of them,

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