The Importance Of Police Investigation

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Having citizen involvement and oversight of the police department, especially when investigating issues of misconduct or corruption, is likely to result in a more objective and thorough investigation. The police departments that utilize the civilian/citizen oversight boards do this to deter misconduct of police officers and block the opportunity for a police officer to be able to conceal and/or destroy evidence. The use of an ‘outside agency” can also demonstrate to the public that “one of them” (average person) is looking into the issue. Those in the public that have an inherent distrust of police and the process of a department or precinct handling their own investigations, will have their level of confidence heightened by being able to observe the…show more content…
In cases like those involving former State Trooper Jeffrey LaPorto, there should also be a “three strikes” clause when it comes to being the subject of an internal investigation. Having an issue with the same officers over and over will not only have a negative impact on the community the officer was sworn to protect, but it will also affect the morality and the integrity of the entire police department. Banks points out that one of the consequences of police corruption is that it will subvert the police from their main objectives and proper roles and can cause crime to flourish instead of reduce (Banks, 2013, p. 44).

When the need for an internal investigation arises, I believe that it should be handled inside the department. But as Chief Kyes pointed out, there are some situations that warrant an outside perspective to come in, in order to put a stop to the ongoing
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