The Importance Of Play For Children

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Dear Families:
We welcome you and your child to our Childhood. I’m excited about the opportunity to get to know you, as well, and I’m looking forward to a happy and productive year.
This year we will focus on the following area play. You might be wondering what is play? In early childhood education play is a very important stage that all children go through during their development. Play can be described as a self-motivated behavior that children will choose freely and demonstrate if it’s entertaining and spontaneous by learning new things. Play is the way children learn new things that are around them or what they get taught. The difference between play and other activities is a process that children go step by step. Play is child-initiated
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The reason why play is important for children is because it benefits them in different areas including the brain development. It also is the mechanism that helps children understand and learn new experiences, skills and process information. The way play affects different development domains can benefit the children during their growth. Physical growth during play helps muscle development in different ways. For example, when children are playing they lift objects, throw balls, place things on top of each other, feel textures by staying physical active. Play benefits children large/small muscles development, hand-eye coordination and their 5 senses. Emotional Growth is a big part when it comes to play because children start to develop positive self-concept. Children will also learn to express their emotions on different situations and understand other people emotions. One of the biggest benefits of play in emotional growth is children relief stress and anxiety through different activities. Social Growth helps children to interact with others by helping them, sharing and working together as a…show more content…
Our program promotes play in different ways that can benefit children development. Our class has different areas where children can spend time working with other children or by themselves. We have different activities they can also do for example playing in the block area children will use their imagination on all the things they can create. There’s also books, puzzles, toys, computers that children can use to play academic games and during outside time we provide children different materials for them to use like balls, toys, blocks and tricycles to maintain them active. Our classroom has different areas where children can also play for example the dramatic play is where children can create their own roles. In the dramatic play area, we provide children costumes, toys and other safe materials they can use. In this area children can act out and create their own scenarios using their imagination. We provide different types of play like practice play is where children repeat a behavior when they learn a new skill. Constructive play is where children use their imagination to create something for example in the block area they can create castles or towers. Games with rules this type of play is when children follow rules that are getting told. When they are playing a board game like bingo they must follow the rules to be able to understand what’s happening and
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