The Importance Of Play

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Children like to play. Play is essential for a child’s development and for learning life skills. It provides a natural, comfortable setting for young children to develop and learn. Froebel and Montessori have said that play is children’s work, but it is also adult work. Preschool must work to better understand the role of play in the lives of young children, and how to nurture and utilize play with children. (Koralek, 2004)
Play is important to the academic environment. The school focuses on social, emotional and cognitive development of children. Through play, children learn to adjust in the school setting and get ready to learn. Children develop problem-solving skills and social-emotional skills which are integrated with academic learning.
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Play not only influences the children but also the teacher. As teachers are observing while children are playing, they are given a unique opportunity to see the world from their children’s point of view as the children play a world just to fit their needs. The interactions that occur through play tell children that parents are fully paying attention to them and help to build relationships. Teachers who have the opportunity to glimpse into their children’s world learn to communicate with their children and offer gentle, nurturing guidance. Teachers learn so much about the children through play.
Play is the best learning system that the children can experience in their life. The role of the teacher is important in play. Teachers have a variety of critical roles in supporting children’s play. These roles include providing materials that encourage high-quality play, structuring environment, modeling play, and introducing children to new play opportunities. Through proper guidance and plan, children benefits from playing and learn so much more than doing worksheets. Teachers incorporate learning activities in play. Children learn through sensory activities and movement. Play includes art, crafts and reading
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Play encourages students to engage with the real world. Play is a simple joy that is a cherished part of childhood. Play is a critical part of all children 's development. It starts in the child 's infancy and continues throughout his or her life. Play is how children learn to socialize, to think, to solve problems, to mature and most importantly, to have fun. Play connects children with their imagination, their environment, their parents and teacher and the world. Play is the most powerful, productive and efficient way to learn the information young children
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