The Importance Of Plan Stakeholder Management

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Plan Stakeholder Management
The input elements of plan stakeholder management consist of a project management plan, stakeholder registry, enterprise environmental factors, and organizational process assets. The tools and techniques comprises of expert judgement, meeting and analytical techniques. Lastly, the outputs are stakeholders’ management plan and project documents (PMBOK, 2013, p. 399) (see figure 2). Note: Reprinted from " Project Management Institute”, A guide to the project management body of knowledge, Copyright 2013 by Project Management Institute, Inc. Reprinted without permission.
Figure 2. 13.2 Plan Stakeholder process
I. Project Management Plan
The project management plan is used to create a collage of management planning
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The organizational process assets are a combination of practices, artifacts, and knowledge from all areas of the organization that was involved in a project (PMBOK, 2013). The organization process assets should be treated as a living document that requires continuous updates and editing for future project managers to pull from. Lessons learned not only save time and money, but it also increases the success rate of a…show more content…
Tools and Techniques
Applying the necessary tools and techniques to manage stakeholders is an undertaking that requires constant engagement at each stage of the project. Using expert judgement a project manager may engage senior stakeholders early in the project to secure support and remove any impediments from the project (PMBOK, 2013). Expert judgment is particularly important at the beginning of a project. Simply having the senior stakeholders at the kickoff meeting will tacitly display to other stakeholders and team members the significance of the project.
In order to create a solid stakeholder management plan, expert judgement should be pursued. This consist of subject matter experts within the organization such as project team members, individuals with specialize skills, senior management, other project managers, and key stakeholders (PMBOK, 2013).Vigilance should be taken to adjust for the changing level of engagement from stakeholders as the project
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