The Importance Of Plagiarism In Society

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Plagiarism can be defined in multiple forms, most think of it as just copying and pasting someone else’s work, though this is not the case. Plagiarism can be simply defined by using another author's work, without proper approval or recognition. While plagiarism is not always intentional and often done mistakenly, it is still wrong morally and ethically. This is a frequent problem in many learning institutions, and often in workplace environments. There is a spectrum of plagiarism that is broken down into ten sections, each of these sections ranging from severity such as copying and pasting to paraphrasing from multiple sources. The Turnitin Plagiarism Spectrum is a helpful tool for many with literary needs, and can be used to verify the originality of one’s work. One must remain aware of the spectrum’s definition…show more content…
The article Jonah Lehrer’s Deception, describes to readers of a journalist who committed a form of plagiarism called 404 Error. 404 Error can be described as a method of citation, in which the author uses invalid information or sources to benefit their writings. Isaac Chotiner from the New Republic wrote a review on Lehrer’s book titled Imagine. The review consisted of claims that Lehrer’s opinion on Bob Dylan’s song Like a Rolling Stone was inaccurate. In Imagine, Lehrer allegedly falsified quotes from Bob Dylan on multiple occasions. Some of these quotes were not found to be remotely similar to those of Dylan. Leher claimed quotes of Dylan could be found in an episode of Theme Time Radio and also an interview titled The Fiddler Now Upspoke, though these quotes were found to be nonexistent (Moynihan, 3). This type of plagiarism is viewed as stealing, and while all plagiarism is not ethical 404 Error can be the most deceiving. One must take extra precautions to not include or fabricate their personal translations of someone's quote within their

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