The Importance Of Plagiarism In Research

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Ethical principles or codes involves moral principles that govern how individuals should behave in society or business environments. The codes can be applied in the field of research as a guide to be used by a research (Ignacio & Taylor, 2013). Even though scientific research has produced significant social benefits to society, it has also posed ethical issues relating to treatment of human subjects in research especially during the Second World War. The Declaration of Helsinki in 1964 was created to alleviate these issues so that participants or subjects receive full disclosure of risks and benefits they may encounter during the research process (Ignacio & Taylor, 2013).
Informed Consent
Informed consent occurs when subjects or participants
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According to (Zulle, Azman, Frkovic, & Petrovecki, 2008), plagiarism occurs when one misappropriates someone’s ideas, methods etc. without giving appropriating credit to the author(s). In the both the business and academic environment, it is considered cheating and is unethical. Plagiarism can arise from opportunity to cheat, ignorance of student or researcher, individual ethical values, competition to succeed and lack of guidelines (Zulle, Azman, Frkovic, & Petrovecki, 2008). Student’s behavior is strongly influenced by the culture they come from, hence cultures where plagiarism is tolerated have high rates of academic dishonesty and misconduct (Magnus, Polterovich, Danilov, & Savvateev, 2002). One good prevention methods of plagiarism is continuously educating students with methods and ways of preventing plagiarism. This not only prevents plagiarism but help students practice how to paraphrase and appropriate cite sources (Zulle, Azman, Frkovic, & Petrovecki, 2008). Creation of environment that promotes academic integrity and ethical behavior has a bearing on future practice when students become practitioners. According to (Harding, Carpenter, Finelli, & Passow, 2004), there is a connection between academic dishonesty and unethical or dishonesty behavior in future professional practice of the related individual. I will use an online software to test for plagiarism and make necessary corrections if any. I will also use Northcentral University Academic Center sources on plagiarism to practice how to paraphrase sentences and cite sources. Continuously practicing how to paraphrase sentences helps improve my writing skills which is essential as I advanced in my career as a

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