The Importance Of Pervasive Computing

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Pervasive Computing:
Mark Weiser proposed the term ubiquitous computing around 1988. The pervasive computing, also known as ubiquitous computing, ambient intelligence. Present trending computing technology is pervasive computing and also its available in all the places mostly useful in communication places and the device can be accessed from anywhere and they can interact with the system by using laptops, tablets, and smart phones etc.
The technologies such as internet, operating systems, sensors, microprocessors, advanced middleware and mobile protocols are used to give support for this pervasive computing. The importance of pervasive computing is having multiple networked devices and also having the capabilities to do different kinds of tasks.
Mobile Operating systems can run on various devices such as smartphones, PDAs and handheld
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Important point is BlackBerry Enterprise Server is required for these applications.
3)i Phone OS
Apple introduced the first generation iPhone June 2007 in the USA. The phone uses the so called iPhone OS that is similar to Mac OS X. The structure of the operating system is shown in Fig . Figure : iPhone OS architecture
Core OS layer :It is the lowest level of the operating system .These contains the Mach kernel, hardware drivers and memory system, scheduler, file system, network and inter process communication and also it contains the Security framework to protect and secure program data.
Core Services layer: It contains the basic framework for Objective-C programming, access to the network availability and state of the device, and also it can access location information and the address book.
The Media layer: It contains multiple frameworks to work with audio, video, 2D graphics and 3D

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