The Importance Of Personality Profile

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Every human being has a confirm personality or MBTI preference profile. While all preferences are not the same, they essentially affect how individuals behave. If we understand and know our preference profile, it will be relatively easy to deal with people of various personality profiles. In this elaborate essay, the author took the Jungian test to confirm his MBTI preference profile. Furthermore, realizing that preferences are different, the author similarly took and wrote down an absolute preference profile. This essay additionally explained two public situations- at the workplace and in school where the MBTI preference profile was necessary to solve difficult situations and how they would be handled differently with the knowledge acquired…show more content…
This result means that in business, my personality type is valuable in management positions because there is an element of creativity I often apply to ensure that people around me are meticulously catered for. Furthermore, from a curious research, my personality type- INFJ represent only 2% in the general population but accounts for a substantial percentage of leadership positions in various workplaces (Myers & McCaulley, 1998). Obviously, as an INFJ personality, I’m very idealistic and often seek a closure and completion of any business transaction. This apparently reflects the J preference. Additionally, I’m a “dreamer and a doer”. In my dictionary, nothing, as far as business or creativity related matters is concerned, there is no impossibility. That is why as a departmental manager in my organization, I earnestly encourage creativity to simplify tasks for my…show more content…
I did not have to look far away before spotting someone who has the direct opposite of my personality type profile. His name is Donald Trump, the current president of the U.S. As an ESTP personality type, he enjoys seeing people around him and also being around people, especially if those people are loyal to him. This explains the E preference. Furthermore, Donald Trump, from all indications, is not an idealist person rather he thrives on facts and details. This is a reflection of the S preference. All his decisions are essentially based on logic and reason. From studying personality types, someone who makes decisions based on logic and reason is a thinker and does not rely on feelings (Truity, n.d.). Additionally, he is someone that is spontaneous in whatever he does. This is an apparent indication that he does not rely much on planning rather he thrives in a strong perception. This is a reflection of the P preference. While the ESTP personality type makes up 4% of the entire world population, people in this preference are very energetic and have an instinct to beat any competition they participate in. One characteristic of ESTP is that failure is not an option and the admittance of weakness is regarded as an absolute failure. This is a real description of Donald Trump, who does not and regards apologizing as a sign of weakness

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