The Importance Of Personal Wellness

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The abilities God gave us are truly remarkable. God gave us these wonderful gifts to spread the grace of the lord. People often forget that we are borrowing our bodies from God. Our body is a temple that we need to treat with respect to glorify God. There are many ways that we can glorify god with are personal wellness. When thinking about personal wellness it is important to consider, mental, physical and spiritual health. There are a couple pieces within each of those three main points. It is crucial to maintain a healthy personal wellness in order to serve the lord. Our Physical wellness is how active we are. How often we do or don’t exercise is put into this category. Also the reasons why you exercise is a part of this category. Like it…show more content…
When mentally overwhelmed it is easy to forget that God is on our side. Everyone’s life can be very stressful with the day by day challenges we face. In Every Body Matters Kristin says “Endurance is built through experience, repeatedly practicing the effort so that you have what it takes to reach completion. Endurance is the confidence that you can withstand pain.” This connects perfectly with mental health, because the more we go through the more strength we could gain. Letting the stress of the world distract you from God’s grace only hurts. Gaining a mental endurance to be able to stay strong and focused during a difficult situation is an important factor in mental health. In Jerimiah 33: 6 it is said, 6 “Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.” This defends that through the hard times mentally we are able to relax, because we have an amazing God on our side. We can glorify God by helping others rely more on God and not themselves. Talking someone through a problem, and helping them realizes God is on their side can be very calming. In order to have a good personal wellness it is important to think about mental