Biographical Essay: The Factors That Shaped My Academic Success

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Essay 1: Biographical Essay (650 word limit) We are interested in learning more about you and the context in which you have grown up, formed your aspirations, and accomplished your academic successes. Please describe the factors and challenges that have most shaped your personal life and aspirations. How have these factors helped you to grow? Most finalists' essays show evidence of strong writing ability, as well as intellectual spark, determination, and altruism. I quietly stood alone with my cello next to the wall in my school’s commons area as everyone else laughed and talked with each other. As the new kid, I didn’t know anyone and hadn’t made friends yet. So as everyone left, I hid so no one would notice me while I waited for my parents …show more content…

That’s how we ended up in Upper Arlington, a city that was known for being whitewashed, stuck up, and filled with old money and legacies. It was hard, trying to fit in with the children of wealthy families because everything was related to money. But with a lot of time and effort, I made friends and lived a happy life until my dad’s research kept getting pushed back because of his health. The doctors couldn’t figure out why, but my dad kept forming liver stones. Since he was constantly hospitalized, it was tough financially and emotionally because our family was relying on him to find a job and receive a greencard. But we made it to 2012 when he found a well-paid job, but a few months later during Christmas dinner, he suffered a heart attack and the doctors couldn’t save him. The next few years formed the most difficult time of our lives. My mom had to attend graduate school and work all day at a grocery store half an hour away so we could remain in America. Since both of our parents were absent, my brother and I had to grow up quickly so we could take care of each other and raise my sister. Although it was a bleak period, we still had happy moments like the day Christine was able to recite the ABCs for the first time after I had spent months teaching her after

In this essay, the author

  • Describes the factors and challenges that have most shaped their personal life and aspirations.
  • Describes how the finalists' essays show strong writing ability, as well as intellectual spark, determination, and altruism.
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