The Importance Of Personal Intelligence

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No one has the same personality as the person next to them. There are many different theories for human personalities, which develop many tests for us to take and learn more about ourselves. One theory is the multiple intelligences test that says people can be categorized by their human potential in eight different intelligence classes. Knowing what kind of intelligence, you have can let you know how you process and understand everything and anyone in the world. For me specifically, knowing my personal intelligence type and understanding how I process and think will help me as I make my journey through college and eventually on throughout the rest of my life. According to the learning styles survey, I have intrapersonal intelligence. This type of intelligence is all about self-awareness and introspection. I make decisions based on myself and what is right for me. Taking the multiple intelligences test was a great experience for me because the results were fitting to my personality and behaviors. And now I can use this information about myself to know how I learn and what will help me to learn during college. and what I need to be successful. College is heavily based on the ability to manage your own time and learn things on your own outside of class. Since I…show more content…
I also need to make sure I do my homework, go to my professors and tutors when I need help with my classes, and make sure that my goals will challenge me yet are also attainable. If I can do all those things then I should be able to reach my goals, do everything on time and of good quality for my classes and then I should be able to be a successful student. With my intelligence, I need to make sure that I'm self-aware which is why I need to set goals for myself to reach my full potential and as long as I can keep track of all of my assignments and study hard I can be

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