The Importance Of Personal Fitness

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Why do you think it is important to set fitness goals for yourself and strive towards a high level of personal fitness? --Fitness is beneficial for everyone in the long run. Doing fitness will decrease the chance of getting diseases, and it also helps us to build up our body, which is important to adolescents. Through fitness, we can sustain our body in a well-balanced condition by being both physically fit and healthy. 2. In what ways were you successful or unsuccessful in your program to increase your level of fitness? (Please select several specific fitness test results and overall areas of health related fitness in answering this question) --When I participated in my fitness goal program, I found that my running improved immensely. In my first beep test, I got a score of 8.0. In the following beep tests, my results were steadily increasing. If you were to view my progress on a graph, you would see a consistent positive increase. On a grander scale beyond improvements in my beep test score, I also found improvements in the functioning of my cardio-pulmonary. This has resulted in great strides in my strengthening and conditioning endurance. Areas that I note require improvements are my muscular endurance and muscular strength. (especially in my arms).When I am participating in activities that require muscular endurance and muscular strength (such as push-ups), I found that my scores tend to remain at the same level. My lack of improvement in muscular strength and muscular endurance have motivated me to more aggressively set specific goals in improving my physicality and overall health. By targeting specific health-related components, I am confident that I will be able to more successfully improve my muscular endurance and muscu... ... middle of paper ... ... not only “part 1” important, “part 2” is also integral) State the importance Give examples (statics/fact/personal) not always statics Explain examples - terry fox Restate importance, connect to examples Summary, end the paragraph (to be more creative) Body paragraph 3 Transition (creative) State importance Give examples (want it from different perspectives/categories) Explain examples - current media perspective on body composition and personal experience - reflective Restate importance Summary ( to be more creative) Conclusion state that they are importance Determine the cause&effect relationship State one more reason support my point (they are important) Bring solution (starting doing fitness) ( connections between each part?) emphasize importance to daily life. ( Where to put examples of a person?) - value in combination in three components - interrelated

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