The Importance Of Peer Pressure

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Everyone has been pressured into doing something we were not sure of or felt that was wrong, well many people have. Almost everyone has experienced peer pressure before, either positive or negative. Our choices can be influenced by people around us and that is what is known as peer pressure. Peer pressure however can be beneficial because it can help one achieve things in life by putting you on the right path. Peer pressure can also be a bad thing. The reason peer pressure works is because we as humans want to fit in, rather than stand out. We do what things because others want us to do because we want acceptance. Peer pressure can be helpful or harmful just depending on what one is being pressured to do.
We have peers around us on a daily basis who make good choices and influence others to do the same. Positive peer pressure can help us by reflecting on our actions and helping us to more ways to become a better individual. Observing others working hard to achieve their goals will definitely
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Bad pressure comes with a whole world of trouble we least expect in the moment. Peer pressure can be very harmful to one just little things can affect us widely. We may never know someone’s true intentions with us, we just have to keep an eye out and always know right from wrong. When we feel that feeling of guilt or wrong nine times out of ten its wrong, always go with your gut feelings in such situations.
In conclusion, peer pressure is a good thing at times and also a bad thing. Sometimes we get the feeling that were being pressured into doing something or we just don 't want to stand up to them go with the best feeling. If we are too scared to stand up, tell another or older peer about the situation for guidance. Peer pressure is very common whether we think it’s not, teenagers are pressured into a lot of things on a daily basis. A parent may never know what’s truly going on with their teen but keeping an eye on them is always

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