The Importance Of Pay Attention Listening

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Emphasize Comfort Make sure people are comfortable in their relationships with us. If they are not, find out why and do something about it. Understand Expectations Have a clear understanding of what others expect of us and what we actually expect of our self. People often set unrealistic expectations for themselves by gathering up all of the good qualities they see in others, and trying to have them all within themselves. Be Persistent Resolve to do everything better and be persistent until we attain the results we've been trying to achieve. If we are persistent, we will eventually get what we want. The reason for this is that it easier for people to give in to us than to continue resisting us. Children are experts at this Pay Attention…show more content…
If we don't listen to people, we are missing out on one of the best ways to influence people. People will always listen to us when we listen to them. One of the greatest influencing tools is listening. Questioning Questions we ask people arouse their thinking processes. When we arouse people's think processes, we give them the chance to express their own ideas and feelings. The only way we will find out what we want to know about another is by asking questions. If we are able to help people think on their own they will respect us and like us Keep The Conversation Open In order to listen, we must keep the conversation open. Some people won't tell us everything on their minds, so we may have to question them to keep the conversation going. All of our questions should relate to who, what, why, where, when and how. Create Influence by Talking It is very important to listen to what other people have to say. It is also important for others to listen to what we have to say. a) Get The Other Person's Attention The first thing we must do when trying to make a point is to get the other person's attention. Make sure the other person is listening to us before we begin talking. Make your Message
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