The Importance Of Organizational Systems And Quality Leadership In Nursing

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Organizational Systems & Quality Leadership
As nurses, our obligation is to protect the health and safety of patients. Therefore nurses must assimilate their role, analyze concerns, and improve patient care. Nurses entrust evidence based factors specific to nursing, which galvanize patients through the care provided, known as nursing-sensitive indicators. These indicators thereafter are used to identify, evaluate, and enhance patient care likewise prevent future occurrences (ANA, 2014).
A. Nursing Sensitive Indicators
The first step in identifying concerns that impede patient care is to educate staff, enhancing their understanding of nursing-sensitive indicators, and how to improve quality of care through recognition of those indicators
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Structure, process, and outcome indicators are reported to the National Database of Nursing Quality for evaluation of nursing care. Indicators are then measured and adapted to promote and deliver quality patient care (Montalvo, 2007). It is the responsibility of the organization to monitor performance measures through recognition of processes in need of improvement. The first step entails data collection on current facility practices, identifying measures through evaluating such things as staffing, protocols, or staff education. The gathered data is then used for implementation of new processes which are then evaluated to verify that the changes made have improved patient quality care (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality,…show more content…
The nurse supervisor may need to provide the staff with appropriate education, tools, and resources for necessary ethical decision-making. The interdisciplinary healthcare team should be involved because each discipline may offer a variety of resources in providing quality care (Wood, 2014). It is crucial for all individuals within the organization to promote and emphasize open communication and mutual resolution. The nursing supervisor would benefit from talking with the nurses; listen to the feedback to understand existing predicaments so appropriate interventions are enforced as well as educational needs. Utilize peer support to advocate for patient, maintain patient safety, and improve the quality of care (Wood, 2014). Make sure policies and procedures are evaluated and followed up on as necessary. Evaluate if the organization provides an ethics, professional on site for staff to reach out with questions or concern. Holding family conferences would be effective in bringing everyone together in the plan of care to provide collaboration with family, patient and staff members (Wood, 2014). Employee assistance program is another wonderful resource available offering staff counseling or employee educational in-services within the organization. Staff can be assigned continuing education credits to complete programs on ethics, which can then be
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