The Importance Of Organizational Support In An Organization

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An organization is a collection of individuals who do the same job. An organization can also be seen as a structure where arrangements or classifications are done. In most organizations, the proceedings are usually profitable, and for this reason, care needs to be taken when handling it. The classifications present in an organization are important in ensuring distribution of duties (Katzenbach & Smith, , 2008). Classifications may be viewed as rankings, ranging from the boss at the top to the servants and laborers at the bottom. It is apparent that the bosses at the top demand some degree of respect and honor from the employee under them. Fortunately, respect is one thing that has to be earned. An organization has an impact on many people.…show more content…
Employees who bear the feeling of care from the organization, they are likely to accompaniment the organization with more eminent levels of citizenship. Lack of support can be viewed as some form of insult from the organization, and can also a great burden to the employees (Katzenbach & Smith, , 2008). Citizenship is also a responsibility of the employees. It is likely to occur in the event of trustworthiness. Employees have to be fair, and should live up to the consignment the have pledged to their employees. The characteristic of employees also counts as a factor of citizenship. Characteristic of optimism, empathetic and team orientation, indicate that the employees may be willing to engage in a certain degree of…show more content…
A misconception is held that the vision and goals of a company need to be set by the superiors. In most cases, this school of thought is misleading. All the levels of the organization have the obligation of setting the vision for the organization (Cheryl, 2000). Limiting this task of vision setting to a given level may limit the exercising of the potential of all levels of the organization. As a result, the development of the organization is likely to stall and in the extreme case, the growth may die. This is the point where the mind game is employed. In most cases, ideas emanate from minds that are considered playful in nature. The best way to intercept themes from playful minds is by playing together (Cheryl, 2000). Considering organizations to be teams, a play is a sport that a team participates in. To be creative and constructive toward achieving set visions, it is important to stay limber. This simply means bringing old ideas together and putting them in new ways. It is also paramount that one changes their perspectives. Wise men always change their minds and man is subject to change (Cheryl, 2000). Being stubborn and too rigid to change is

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