The Importance Of Organizational Immitment

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1. Introduction

Employees usually play an important role in organizations; they are the greatest resource an organization can have and it is through their involvement and commitment that the organization can become competitive (Sempane et al, 2002 as cited in Griffith, 2013). Organizational commitment has been recognized as an important concept over the last three or four decades because of its relationship and contribution to organizational effectiveness, and it has been defined, measured, and studied in research in various contexts (Mathieu & Zajac, 1990; Saimir & Jonida, 2013).
According to Chiang (2008) when employees hold identification and share sense of belonging in an organization, they will consider themselves affiliated to the organization and will work hard with other members to achieve organizational objectives. A higher organizational commitment will promote employees’ willingness to work hard for an organization (Angle & Perry, 1981). Organizational commitment of the employees could be reflected in conditions like the employees strongly believe in and accept the organizational goals and values; they are willing to do their utmost on behalf of the organization, and are willing to stay with the organization (Porter et al, 1974).
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However, based on the given facts, there seems to have scanty of research works on organizational culture, leadership styles and organizational commitment. Thus, examining the impact of leadership styles and organizational culture on the commitment of employees in the context of Ethiopian health care services appears to be

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